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For most people, the oven is one of the most heavily used appliances in the home. Therefore, it’s a huge inconvenience if your oven breaks down.

Regular oven maintenance can help to prevent damage triggering an expensive repair bill or even a complete replacement oven.
Ovens are complex appliances, and there are many different types. If you encounter a problem with your oven, you need someone with:
  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Access to the right parts

If you’re in the GTA area and need your oven fixed, our experienced and professional team of oven repair specialists at Ideal Fix is primed to help out whenever you need it.

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Oven Repair

  • Is your oven not working properly?
  • Has it stopped working completely?
  • Are you worried about being hit with a big bill?
Look no further because we’re here to help at Ideal Fix.
Knowledgeable and Professional Team

Our professional team provides a competitively-priced oven repair service. Our expert oven repair staff are highly knowledgeable, and deeply experienced, and can diagnose and fix any oven swiftly and professionally. Our team all know what they’re doing, so you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything for you.

Fully Insured
We are fully insured, so you don’t need to worry about your oven getting damaged during repairs.
We have many repeat customers, and you can read about our top-notch service from our customer reviews.

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Common Oven Repair Issues

Our oven repair staff can speedily diagnose and fix any problems you have, meaning repairs won’t cost the earth.
Here, we’ll break down some of the most common oven issues that our team can tackle.
Oven Doesn’t Switch On
Often electric ovens don’t switch on due to:
  • A broken wire or electrical circuit
  • Incorrect power supply
  • Broken control or element

Most wall ovens are electric so any of the above could cause the problem. With electrical issues, it’s crucial to hire a professional for wall oven repair as you could easily shock yourself.

Oven Doesn’t Cook Evenly

If your oven is cooking food unevenly, there could be a problem with the element. Fixing the problem will require removing and testing your oven.

Our skilled oven repair specialists can take care of this.
If you have an electric oven that’s not cooking evenly, we’d strongly advise calling the professionals rather than tinkering with electrics.
Oven Door Doesn’t Shut Properly
You might notice some staining appear around the door of your oven.
Maybe your oven door isn’t shutting properly, allowing the heat to escape.
Your oven door may need readjusting or even replacing if it’s been warped by the heat.
These are all jobs our oven repair specialists can carry out in no time.

Why Ideal Fix

You only need to take a look at the wealth of overwhelmingly positive reviews for our unmatched oven repair service. We’ve fixed many ovens for thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom have referred their friends to us.

We pride ourselves on professional service throughout. All of our oven repair specialists are ID-checked, background-checked, and well-trained in their field.

Our team has the skills and experience needed to get your oven working if you need electric or microwave oven repair.

We offer competitive pricing, and our team is ready and waiting to help you. If you’ve got oven issues or want to know a bit more about us, get in touch now with Ideal Fix, Phone number: (437) 288-4442.

Common Oven-Related Questions We Hear

Like most homeowners, you may have questions regarding ovens and their maintenance. Here are some of the most common oven-related questions we hear.

We charge $75 for a service call, which is waived in case of repairs. Repair costs depend on the parts involved and the workhours needed to fix the issue.

If your appliance is still under warranty, they will usually repair or replace it with minimal to no cost. However, some issues don’t fall under warranty. Contact the appliance’s manufacturer for more information.

Most new appliances have a unique smell due to residues from the manufacturing process. It should go away on its own relatively shortly with regular use.

Appliances that come into contact or use water to operate can develop mould or mildew if they are not vented or emptied properly. Regular maintenance should keep humidity low enough to deter mould growth. Ideal Fix can troubleshoot the exact cause of the smell, fix it, and provide guidelines to prevent it from reoccurring.

Consider how much a repair is going to cost versus buying a brand-new appliance. When purchasing an appliance, you will get a warranty that protects from breaks or mishaps for a certain period, which can save money on repair costs. Additionally, new appliances generally use less electricity or water to run and are more environmentally friendly.

The most likely problems with an oven that won’t turn on are electrical in nature. Ideal Fix can schedule emergency repairs to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Shut the oven off and leave it to cool if it starts to smell like burning plastic. Check the oven’s cavity for any debris that might’ve ignited when the oven was turned on. Remove any loose debris with care. Contact us to troubleshoot and test the oven.

Food debris, oils, and melted particles give off a particularly foul odour, especially at the self-cleaning’s extreme temperatures. Ventilate the room to remove the smell, and it should go away on its own.

Usually, if ovens won’t heat, they have a problem with their heating elements, including burners or temperature sensors.

It depends on the damage to the appliance. Ovens that won’t heat signify a more severe problem. Try unplugging the device first. Wait for a few minutes, and then plug it again. If that doesn’t work, clean it.

When it comes to electric ovens, check the electricity, fuse, and the circuit breaker. If you can’t solve the problem, give our appliance repair experts a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The average appliance repair can vary based on the brands, makes, and models. Usually, the price for an oven repair in starts at $75. The price of appliance repair service depends on several factors, so you should talk to our technicians to get more information regarding the cost.

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